Brand Experiences & Activation

    At Marvel Experiences we ideate, design and deliver your customised brand experience.

    Brand experiences help to delight and engage potential customers and empower your brand to build lasting memories that keep you front of mind.

    We deliver brand activation that moves audiences and brand experiences that people remember, talk about, and share.

    If you’re interested in exploring how experiences can lead to effective brand activation, then talk to the Marvel Experiences team.

    We are experts at helping businesses to design and deliver customised brand experiences.

    Make more of your target audience aware of your brand, and keep them coming back for more with bespoke brand experiences.

    Activating Your Brand Through Brand Experiences

    When you partner with Marvel Experiences to help activate your brand through innovative brand experiences, here’s how the process works:

    1. Understand your business objectives and customers then define success looks like
    2. Ideate - develop ideas that are unique, have media value and deliver to the brief and budget
    3. Evaluate - execute - review

    See some of the brand experiences we've created for Splore, Red Bull, Nike, Peroni, Corona and others below.

    Our Brand Experiences

    When you’re ready to join this list, contact us for more information about brand experiences and activation.