What we do

    We want to make memorable customer experiences, so we work with people who want to do the same. That’s usually a client, an Agency, or a PR company, but as long we share that common goal, let’s chat.

    We’re also pretty flexible when it comes to how we can help you make an experience happen, and in what capacity. We’ll ideate and nurture an idea from beginning to end, or use our skills and connections to bring something you have in mind to life. Every solution is unique to the client and their desired outcomes.

    We deliver public facing events as well as private events. We will happily organise a conference, away days and client hosting.

    Services offered

    • Ideation – Our strength is in the strategic and creative development of an idea from a brief. We bring creative advertising agency experience to the experiential environment, whilst staying focused on the brand values and desired outcomes.
    • Connections – From influencers, media, supporting brands through to key people we have a network that we leverage for our clients for their benefit.
    • Logistics and full build – We outsource these elements and have selected a core list of experts in their field who can deliver quality, consistency and reliability at competitive prices. They are people we trust implicitly.
    • Staffing - Personal engagement at an event or activation is paramount to enhance emotional connections. The two partners of Marvel have a hands- on approach and are the face of any event or activation. Where needed we have a roster of contractors that we use to support us as ambassadors or event staff.
    • Legal permitting/consents – Ensuring the legal and consent parameters are clearly understood and abided is a foundation for any successful event. We manage this process for all our client work.
    • Health and Safety – Every event or activation is reviewed at the outset from a Health and Safety perspective. All foreseeable ‘issues’ identified and reviewed before the idea is developed further. The risk in not undertaking a rigorous process is twofold – personal injury to staff or a member of the public and well as brand reputational damage for our clients. Be it a six person away day through to a public mass participation event.
    • Content capture – We outsource this service, again adopting the principle of working with experts in their field. Stills, video, social – all can be delivered for clients, or clients can use their own resource that we will support and work with.
    • Public relations/media leverage – Marvel Experiences has a strategic partnership with Sparrow PR. As with the content capture, we can include the services of Sparrow into the solution, or work with any other Public Relations company to leverage the event or activation. We take an agnostic approach.